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Here some information about my amateur radio station. The photo shows a 3 band quad antenna for the 20, 15 and 10 metre amateur radio bands.
The full wave loops are matched to 50 ohms via a 75 ohm feed line. The top of the antenna reaches about 17 metres when the telescope mast is fully extended. My
transmitting power is 100 W from  an  ICOM IC-7410.

Detailed drawing of the antenna
Returnloss 10m
Returnloss 15m
Returnloss 20m

Please find below various electronic projects:


70cm UHF Transceiver with DRA818U Module


Geiger Counter Home-Made

2m FM Empfänger mit SI570 als Lokaloszillator

2m Empfänger

Aktives 2.1 Lautsprechersystem für den PC


HF Generator mit DDS AD9951 und Mikrocontroller Atmel AT90S8515

HF Generator

ATMega88 mit SI570 LCD und Drehimpulsgeber

ATMega + SI570

Zwei-Wege-Lautsprecher mit High-End-Chassis


QRL Microwave Antenna Collection:


Email:  dl3etw@hotmail.com

Last update:
1st of January 2022